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There are a number of reasons why you should come by Meadowbrook Counseling if you are going through any struggle in your life. You will find that Meadowbrook Counseling Center is a confidential, professional environment where you will feel acceptance and no judgement, but your feelings and thoughts will also be challenged so that you can get where you want to be. 

Individual Counseling ←
If you have found that there is a part of your life that is not working out like you thought or hoped that it would be, have hit some type of road bump in a relationship, or feel like you need to self-improve in some area of your life, Meadowbrook Counseling Center will be able to help you develop a treatment plan to work on the difficult areas in your life. 

Couples Counseling ←
If you have found that you have come to an impasse or feel like you are coming to an impasse in one of your relationships, Meadowbrook is able to provide a setting where you will be able to learn some tools that will enable you to overcome that impasse. This is not an easy process for some couples, but is another option when you feel like you have tried everything that you know. 

Marital Counseling ←
For married couples, Meadowbrook offers you a service of doing a life review for both of the individuals and determining if the individuals are coupled efficiently and effectively, meaning that they have come together as one in their home. The goal of couples counseling is to find ways to help them come together successfully. 

Depression Counseling ←
This is a serious and debilitating disease that has affected the majority of the population at one time or another. Meadowbrook works with you by listening to what is going on and develops a treatment plan through the use of cognitive behavioral therapy. This type of therapy works by finding solutions that allow you to think differently about particular situations.

EMDR Counseling ←
This is a newer therapy that is used to decrease the effect that trauma could hold over an individual. This therapy works to desensitize and lower the thought threshold that the traumatic event holds over you so that the thought no longer has control over your everyday life. Meadowbrook uses EMDR therapy to work with patients that have PTSD or other trauma.

Anxiety Counseling ←
Anxiety is mostly based on some fearful thought that the individual has that has overtaken their life. Meadowbrook helps you overcome your anxiety struggles with the use of cognitive behavioral therapy, with the addition of breathing techniques and possibly using EMDR. Anxiety can be crippling to an individual and be even a harder struggle to overcome.

Trauma Counseling ←
You may have faced a traumatic event and there could be a thought that you have that has completely overtaken you throughout your everyday life, including when you are supposed to be sleeping. Meadowbrook helps you to overcome your traumatic event by using EMDR to help desensitize you to the effect that you feel when you think about the event.

Grief and Loss Counseling ←
There are a number of situations that you could be facing that can cause you to feel grief and/or loss. Meadowbrook helps you to gain back your power that you may have lost when the loss occurred in an effective and healthy way. Grief and loss can be a difficult struggle to overcome for some individuals, but Meadowbrook will help you develop a plan that will get you there.

Eating Disorders Counseling ←
Eating disorders most oftentimes have a nutritional aspect to them, so it is important that while seeking counseling to help overcome the disorder, you are also seeing a primary physician for your overall health. Meadowbrook helps you to beat this struggle by developing a plan that will allow you to succeed and beat the disorder that could be taking over your life.

Family Therapy Counseling ←
Meadowbrook Counseling Center works with families by helping them solve problems, that most times revolve around communication problems. It is important for the family to be able to improve through counseling to be honest with the counselor as well as with each other. The family will learn how to successful in relationships by experiencing them directly.

Divorce Recovery Counseling ←
If you have been through a divorce, you may possibly be feeling devastated because you have unexpectedly lost your spirit mate. Not only are you having to overcome the physical loss, but you are also having to overcome the spiritual loss. Meadowbrook provides you a safety zone so that you do not have to worry about rebounding or picking the wrong person.