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What is the Meadowbrook Counseling Center in Amarillo?
Meadowbrook Counseling is a counseling center that is located in Amarillo, Texas and is focused on helping individuals who are seeking help to heal and grow. The mission of Meadowbrook is to Help Heal Hurting Hearts. Meadowbrook is a No Judgement Zone. Our counselors take the time to sit down and listen to anything and everything that you have to say and you will not be judged in any way.

The name of Meadowbrook Counseling was created by the founder through divine inspiration. It came from one of the most relaxing settings that God created. A place where all you feel is serenity and peace. A meadow with the refreshing sounds of a brook running through a sacred place. Maxine Westmoreland, the founder of Meadowbrook Counseling, sat down one day and realized that she was being called to open up an agency where individuals who were struggling in their lives could come to a highly confidential, highly trained, no judgement center to foster trust and empower our clients to live the best life they want to live. 

How Meadowbrook Counseling in Amarillo help you heal.
Meadowbrook Counseling helps heal hurting hearts through providing quality services that encourage individuals to grow and to reach their goals to live a healthier life. We at Meadowbrook provide services to provide you a roadmap to live a successful life in order to overcome your struggles and reach your personal goals. 

Our counselors are trained to work with addiction, trauma, marriage problems, individual problems, anger, grief, divorce recovery, and personal improvement and wellness. You will always find a professional, confidential, and empowering environment.   

Some of the specialization areas that you will find at Meadowbrook include: addiction, trauma, EMDR, self-improvement, and marriage counseling. Maxine is interested in the complexities of addiction and has seen the marvelous and amazing transformations that occur when individuals are able to recover from their addiction. You will find that at Meadowbrook, you will be able to weed out the truth about your struggles and then set goals to start overcoming these struggles to begin living a healthy lifestyle.

Contact Meadowbrook Counseling in Amarillo if you need someone to listen to your struggles.

Meadowbrook Counseling is here if you ever feel you need help in dealing with a personal struggle. Remember, Meadowbrook is a No Judgement Zone and works to Help Heal Hurting Hearts.