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EMDR Counseling

Meadowbrook Counseling Center EMDR Counseling

Meadowbrook uses a newer therapy called EMDR which is used to decrease the effects that an individual could feel from a traumatic event and decrease the effect that this traumatic event has over their life. The process of how EMDR works is to desensitize and lower the thought threshold that the traumatic event has over your life so that the thought no longer has complete control over your everyday life. 

Typically, if you have gone through a traumatic event, you will have recurring horrific thoughts about the event that you have gone through. Throughout your everyday routine, that thought could come back and end up overtaking every thought you have, and essentially, taking over your day and consuming you. 

The goal of using the EMDR treatment method is to stop the traumatic thoughts and lessen the effects that the thoughts will have over you. Meadowbrook uses the EMDR treatment method for those individuals who are suffering from PTSD or other type of trauma as well as for helping individuals sleep at night. Suffering a traumatic event can affect your sleeping, eating, and wake habits. About 7.7 million, or 3.5%, of the population is affected by PTSD.