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Marital Counseling

Meadowbrook Counseling Center Marital Counseling

Meadowbrook Counseling Center offers a program for married couples who may be having a hard time understanding each other. The lack of communication between individuals, which including talking to each other and listening to each other, has a huge influence on healthiness of the relationship.

Within the marital counseling program, the couple will complete a life review in order to allow them to see look at how efficiently and effectively they are working together. This allows you to see if you and your partner are working as a couple or if you are still working as two individuals who live in the same home.

The goal of marital counseling at Meadowbrook is to be able to find ways that will allow you and your partner to come together successfully as a couple and continue to work together as a couple. There are a number of treatment plans that are available to the married couples in order to help them create the communication tools that they may be lacking in or even refining tools that they may already have but could be using incorrectly.

Some couples may receive homework assignments dependent upon what treatment plan is created and what mode of therapy is decided on. The homework coupled with the treatment plan is used to help the couple come together as work both more effectively and efficiently together.