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Eat Disorders

Meadowbrook Counseling Center Eat Disorders

We are able to live because we eat, but we are not living to only eat. If you are experiencing some type of eating disorder, most times, there will be a nutritional aspect to the root cause of the disorder. Somewhere along the line, you may have began to have an unhealthy thought pattern emerge in regards to food and that thought pattern has completely overtaken you and drives every part of your life. In addition to individual counseling sessions to uncover this cause of the disorder, it is important to have a primary physician to make sure you are taking care of your overall health. 

There are a number of components that are a part of having an eating disorder including a nutritional component, emotional component, spiritual component, as well as taking a holistic approach. Meadowbrook helps you to find the cause of your disorder by having you complete a thought review where you record your thoughts. Some of the thoughts that you would want to write down include what thoughts you may be having before and after you have purged, your overall thoughts about food, if you are having unhealthy thoughts about food, among many, many more.

A part of the treatment plan that will be developed by Meadowbrook Counseling Center in order to help you overcome your eating disorder is to encourage you to have healthy and positive thoughts towards food as well as putting you on a clock. Some individuals can get confused as to when they are supposed to eat and when they are not supposed to eat, so putting these individuals on a clock helps them stay on track.